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Price: US$ 450.00 + US$ 50.00 (Shipping - Worldwide - Priority Air Mail)

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The pulse jet is a low cost jet engine and of little maintenance, if compared to the turbojets used in airplane modeling.

This motor type initially was used in the missiles  V-1  by the Germans in Second World War.

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In the animation above have the operation of a pulsojet.

It is possible to accelerate an RC model the more than 150 MPH being used Silverjet as propulsion system.


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Heinkel Salamander

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Play the video with an aeromodelo using a Pulsojet and reaching 250 MPH


Maximum diameter: 65 mm ( 2.56 inch)
Total length: 560 mm (22 inch)
Static Thurst: 3 to 4 lbf (motor in static test - Gasoline)
Static Thurst: 4.5 to 5 lbf (motor in static test - Mix Gasoline + Methanol + Nitromethane)
Potency: 2 HP (motor in flight to 200 Km/h - 125 mph)
Frequency: 200 Hz
Consumption of Fuel: 1 to 1.5 Kg/h (for 1 Kgf of thurst, depending on the fuel and of the flight regime)
Fuel: Gasoline, Methanol, Ehtanol, Propane, Diesel, etc
Consumption of Gasoline: 150 ml/min (maximum potency to 200 Km/h)
System of Injection of Fuel: Aspired
Weight: 600 grams (ready for flight)
Ignition: Spark plug (CM-6 NGK)

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Silverjet Parts (the spark plug is not shown)

Obs.: The motor doesn't need any lubrication type or special care.


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Silverjet in test stand with the electronic ignition system (only used for ignition)


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The fuel is aspired automatically of the tank


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